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February 1, 2008

Actions display of one petrol pump only and the console amount of petrol sold in tenths of a litre Litres – xx.x amount to be paid in pounds and pence Amount to pay – £ xx.xx Pence per liter –    xxx.xx petrol pump uses seven segment LCDs need to write and test a procedure to […]

Project Specification

January 31, 2008

19.2 Background   Petrol stations selling petrol usually show prices and amount of petrol dispensed on each petrol pump and also have a console in the office showing information about each sale from each petrol pump on the garage forecourt. Each petrol pump shows how much petrol has been sold, the price per litre in […]


January 31, 2008

Hello readers, I am Shovan. I have dedicated this blog for my college project on Pascal software. This is basically my course work and I shall update its regularly (hope so :p ) Have fun reading, and don’t forget to leave your foot prints with your valuable and use full comments. This will (might) motivate […]

Hello world!

January 31, 2008

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